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Volunteer Guidelines

To become a volunteer of Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong, please read the following guidelines carefully.

Who is a “volunteer”?

Volunteer is a person who renders services to social service agencies and clients without remunerations.

The rights of Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong’s volunteers:

  • Understand the service value
  • Have the choice of participating in the service freely
  • Request for a certificate of your voluntary services
  • Obtain orientations and proper trainings
  • Have insurance coverage when performing voluntary duties for Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong
  • Have protection of the personal information confidentiality

The responsibilities of Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong’s volunteers

To service users
  • Understand the relationship with the service users, respect their privacy and encourage their own abilities in making decisions
  • Not to disclose any information of service users to others
  • Destroy all personal information or contacts of the service users after the completion of services
  • Not to accept any types of gifts from service users or their families in order to present and keep an honest image of the organization and volunteers
  • Not to make any commitments to the service users by the identity of “the Organization Representative”
  • Not to promote own business, any products and message when performing voluntary duties
  • Maintain proper etiquette when performing the voluntary duties, e.g. dress-up properly, report duty on time, no smoking, no drinking etc.
To Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong
  • Respect our mission and vision
  • Follow the service instructions and guidelines of Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong
  • Offer our feedbacks proactively
  • Join the sharing and training sessions organized for volunteers, and provide feedback as required
  • Respect other volunteers
  • Keep your personal information updated for contact purposes
  • Report to Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong immediately in case of any emergency

Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong treasures for your support, thank you!